personal wellness projects by Chef Lindsey Hardin

Food can heal, nourish, and build community.

When you know the intentions of the person cooking for you, know they care about every detail--your well-being, ethical & careful seasonal sourcing--you absorb a deep sense of relief & connection through eating. 

Practicing as a private & retreat chef for over 10 years, I have found that providing this intentional service brings the act of healthy eating into a more expansive & intimately meaningful experience in the lives of my clients.

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Partake of mindful, gentle & healing foods. Build immunity, heal your gut, & experience new cultural cuisines.


I feed you full of knowledge along with your meals, so you can apply new sourcing & cooking skills in your own kitchen.


I am here to spark a positive shift in your life. Start by filling out the client application.

Been working with Lindsey and Eric for almost 13 years, they have both healed me in different areas! I love the cooking that Lindsey offers because it taste amazing and also nourishes the body and different organs and patterns we need to keep our bodies healing!

She taught me that food is medicine and you can heal thru the nourishment of your body! We need to trust gods plan in what he has provided for us on this planet and use it ,instead of all the boxed and chemical processed foods that continue to poison us! I would 100% recommend Lindsey for any type of education on how to heal and nourish our bodies thru the foods she provides!

Jessica Kirby

Mountain Home, Arkansas

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