How does it work?

You become a member by filling out an application. You pay a monthly members fee, and then you can order from the weekly menu offerings. Easy as that!

Do I have to be a member to buy the food?

Yes. I have limited space for a small group of people committed to taking in wellness via food and education, as well as connecting more deeply to their community, health, and nature.

Are meals always plant-based?

99.9% of the time. I occasionally use local pasture eggs for baked goods. I do always disclose if there will be any eggs or other ingredients in the meal.

Do I have to follow a plant-based diet?

Of course not! Everyone can use a little help in the veggie department. I have members who only worry about cooking their meat at home and then use the meals to create a full meal for themselves.

Where do you source your ingredients?

I hand select all of the ingredients and work with several local farms. Everything I use is quality, organic, and/or locally sourced. I am extremely picky with everything including the salt and oil.

What does the membership fee cover?

The fee covers access to the blog, eco containers, and holds your spot. I keep my members list short so I can give members individual attention. The blog is full of information about local food, recipes, and remedies. Eco products are expensive, but also so important.

Do I have to order food every week?

I do encourage consistency for best results, but you are not required to order every week. As long as you pay the monthly fee, you will receive a weekly menu. I do ask that you tell me if you will not be ordering. Simply send a message my way that says, “I’m not ordering this week.”

I have a special diet. Can you work with that?

Yes, one perk of being a member is that I will create the meal for YOU. I have a chart on all my members with a detailed list of their preferences and allergies.

How do I get started/apply?

Send me your application! I will get back with you within 48 hours and will walk you through your next steps.

Is there a chance my application will be denied?

Yes, if I feel we are not a good match, I will tell you and give you some local resources to look into. An example may be that you are a self-proclaimed picky eater and you “don’t like vegetables." If you are not open and willing to try new things and understand that food is medicine, we won’t be a good match.

Can my membership be terminated?

I reserve the right to stop your membership. Hopefully this will never happen, but if a member is chronically late, doesn’t pay, or is disrespectful, I will remove them from the members list with notice.

What will be on the Blog?

The blog covers many things from musings on the farm to recipes. I cover some Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, remedies, and seasonal eating. I also use the blog to explain plans and dishes. Members are expected to actively check the blog weekly for updates, instructions and education.