2021 Is off to an Interesting start....

This week was, yet again, full of Historical Events! We had extreme weather, and this led to empty shelves, farmer's with frozen fields, and people cold in the dark without electricity and water. I posted some pictures below of the shelves at Wholefoods in Fayetteville. I arrived to pick up groceries for members on Friday afternoon. The local farmer's market had already been postponed to next week. I've been told that these bare shelves are the result of the trucks being stuck in Texas due to snow. It just kind of starts to drain you when you feel like the world is off. I must remind myself that I am not the one in charge and I am doing my best to be kind, calm, and of service to my fellow man. I felt guilty sitting in front of the fire with plenty of food, knowing my members were fending for themselves this week. I also know that these events that make us uncomfortable promote growth and make the good times even sweeter.

Seeing these bare shelves also made me appreciate how I have developed a strong relationship with local farmer's and makers. I feel connected and closer to my food. -Lindsey

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