Chrysanthemum & Goji Berry Tea

This is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) longevity tonic. When we talk about TCM herbs we use terms about what organ systems the herbs "enter" or effect. This tea blend enters the liver and lung. Tonifying the lung and clearing liver heat. It clears and brightens the eyes and can help to lower blood pressure. It is caffeine free and calming so you can drink it in the evening or afternoon. I find it helps me to pass a lot of water! Which is great if I'm feeling groggy and swollen. Keeping the liver happy and the lungs supported are two great things we can do for our immune system. Remember, we want to support our immune system and take the stress off of our organs so our body can function well.

These are some interesting claims and today we MUST be looking for the science to back up such claims. I have had to think about TCM in a different light. For one, I trust TCM. The information passed down and guarded from the ancient texts have proven through the ages. I've used it to treat myself of everything from the common cold and flu to acute injuries. However, I don't trust all TCM practitioners. TCM school is HARD. I helped Erik study for 4 years. After 15 years of using this ancient medicine and watching Erik practice, I still feel like a beginner! Second, I feel you have to know that there's Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is practiced in hospitals in China, and then there's folk medicine, which is practiced in households in China. I will be sharing about TCM in this blog, and adding as much science as I can. Most of which comes directly from Erik. In case you don't know, my husband Erik is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and holds a Master's of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is National Board certified and state licensed.

If you'd like to buy chrysanthemum tea, make sure it is organic. I drank tons of this stuff when I worked at a Chinese food restaurant but it was poor quality and I developed an allergy. At our office we carry a lovely, organic and wild harvested blossom. You can also make a compress for your eyes if they are irritated and dry.

This pic is of my evening cup with steam rising out of this cute vintage mug that was my Nanny's (grandma).

How did you feel after drinking the tea? Comment below.

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