Enjoying Sweetness in our everyday life

My Macrobiotic teacher often reminded us that if we are craving sugar to ask ourselves where do we need more sweetness in our life! When I look at times that I am really craving sugar, I am often using sugar as a way to unwind and relax. My sugar cravings often, but not always, come when I'm stressed. In Macrobiotic food energetic theory sugar is expansive, yang, and acid forming. Macrobiotics also focused on patterns. Another saying of sugar is, "If you start the day with sugar, you will end the day with sugar." I have found that if I get on the sugar roller coaster my mind is super focused on that next fix. Then, my body feels bloated, sluggish, and my mind is foggy.

Why is sugar so powerful?

Is it a cruel trick by God that salt, fat and sugar provide such a pleasurable effect on our brains!? No. These play an important part in survival. Humans used to need that extra fat to survive a cold winter or other hardships. Finding a natural source of sugar meant a big energy boost that could allow you to travel further for resources or work longer that day. Our brain is wired to light up for these tastes for survival. Now that they are available anytime, it is easier than ever to become unbalanced. Our brains simply haven’t caught up! This is only a glimpse of the picture, but being aware can help ease the pressure of trying to control these strong cravings. It isn’t actually a problem of will power.

This week I have made for the "Sunny Supplemental" subscribers a peanut butter ball treat. It has peanut butter powder, MCT Oil Powder, coconut oil, and maple syrup topped with cocoa nibs. I wanted to share this treat as a way to make a better choice. Macrobiotics teaches us about the concept of "Good, Better, Best". For me, this treat is a better choice than a regular sugar treat.

I also made a carrot ginger juice to help with sugar cravings. Carrots are very sweet! When we combined them with the ginger juice this drink acts as a remedy for moving the blood and balancing blood sugar. I hope you enjoy it! Enjoy 1-2 cups a day warmed on the stove or at room temperature.


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