Late Summer Season

We are entering late summer here in Arkansas. You'll notice it gets dark a little earlier, night time bugs seem to be even louder, and there's a shift in the air. I love this time of year. According to TCM, late summer is one of the five elements. The earth element. Ways to nourish your earth element is to care for the stomach and spleen. If you are stressed out this time of year you may find yourself reaching for the sugar! You can care for your body by giving it that sweet flavor in its whole form. Sweet potatoes, squash, and even fruits can satisfy that sweet craving if you are trying to avoid refined sugar.

More on five element theory to come! You'll notice a shift in the menus! I'm so over cucumbers and tomatoes by this time of year and will be moving toward cooking tomatoes and peppers, and starting more root vegetables and squash dishes.

Set your intentions for caring for your earth element now. Gardening, walking barefoot, and cooking all nourish the earth element. Gather your worries and weary feelings so that you can prepare to let them go, grieve, and move on this fall.

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