Lotus Root Tea

This week one of the remedies our immunity program folks are enjoying is lotus root tea.

Lotus root tea is a TCM and Macrobiotic home remedy. Lotus root is used to dissolve mucus and support the lungs. It has been used in China and Japan for centuries. It can be used as an herb, but is used in cooking, as well. It is the root of the lotus flower and grows under water. People enjoy its taste and texture. It can be cooked a variety of ways including fried. However, for medical use, boiling it to make a tea is how it is administrated. I have ordered a wild, dried lotus root that is not bleached. Eden brand is a quality brand and also sells a powdered form. Drink the lotus root tea 2-3 times a week to strengthen the lung. If you become sick with a mucus producing infection, contact your herbalist (Licensed acupuncturist) to be prescribed a dosage to fit your constitution and condition.

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