Meals for the Week of 8/13

It's starting to cool off a little! I hope you're having a good week. Here's what I made for you!

-Asian Bowl with a variety of veggies, wavy noodles, and a Thai curry coconut sauce. Warm the sauce and allow the bowl to get to room temp. Pour the hot sauce over the bowl and enjoy!

-Potato, lentil, kale salad - Can be eaten cold, room temp, or warmed. These potatoes are the last of the season and SO good! The kale comes from Rios Family Farm.

-Salad with shaved beets, carrots, apples, cranberry and pecans with a fig balsamic dressing.

-Organic, Seasonal fruit

-Brownie Bites

-Chia Pudding with fresh mango

On Wednesday I will make...

-Grilled Corn Salad

-Charred Sweet Potato with Eggplant and chickpeas

-Organic, Seasonal Fruit

-Smoothie Kit (frozen bits and milk to blend at home)

If you are thinking I didn't get all that!!! I have listed the full menu for the Difference Maker Package!

If you notice, I have added a lot of sweet root vegetable to help balance the blood sugar and nurture the Earth element. Corn, Sweet potato, beets, carrots, potatoes are all vegetables that will help you feel full and give you that sweetness in a natural form.

Thanks! -Lindsey

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