The Difference Maker August 31st Week

Hey! This week has been a little off. We had a rather rough weekend. Have you ever noticed how emotional events can really tire you out? We have a family member who is ill and we are doing our best to hold space for their transition. Thank you for your patience.

Meals include:

- Local Arugula Salad with Kobocha Squash, beets, cranberry, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and a balsamic pumpkin seed dressing. A great way to reduce adding refined oils is to use a seed or nut in the dressing.

-Local Baked Sweet Potato, seasoned chickpeas, arugula and cranberries Hope this reminds you of fall! I'm so excited.

-Seasonal Bowl - Local carrots (Prairie Woods Farm) with Rios Family Farm kale, sauteed zucchini with fire roasted cherry tomatoes (Appel Farm), Organic Farro, and lacto fermented sauerkraut with creamy tahini sauce

-Creamy Zucchini Soup with miso and White Beans and lemony kale salad. Beans and greens are packed with fiber and calcium.

-Roasted Local Carrots with Lentils and Greens with a creamy tahini sauce. I love how root vegetables can leave you feeling grounded and full.


Cashew Bar with a variety of nuts and dried fruit

Organic mixed fruit

Goji Berry Chia Pudding

Chocolate Super Foods treat

Enjoy! Questions? Send me a text! :)

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