The Learn as You Eat Theme for September....

This month, as we head toward the treats, treats every where time of the year we are going to attempt a "no added sugar" reset. I MUST continually take control of my own sugar addiction. I do indeed have a sweet tooth. I think about sugar...a lot... Sugar makes me sick. It causes a yeast imbalance for me and it makes me weak, groggy, and crave even more sugar! My approach is to allow different times of the year where I honor my need for sweetness with out eating the "white death". If you recall from past blogs, late summer is the season of the Earth element. The taste is sweet. This is a great time to learn how to nourish your earth element with out going for the baked goods. You can join by choosing to not eat refined sugar outside of the meals I provide for you during this time. This month I will be offering tips and explanations on how I have created meals, snacks, and drinks that nourish you with natural sweetness. What do you think? Let's learn through the experience of enjoying wholesome food. -Lindsey

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