What are you paying me for?

I find myself in a unique position. I'm not really a restaurant chef at all and it seems like I don't fit in with the connotation of a "cook". As I work in the farm kitchen, picking the veggies, talking with the farmers, going to the market to hand select ingredients, and cooking mindfully I feel more like a mother or a grandmother. I don't entertain my clients, I take care of them. I don't make food that is purely profitable, I make food that is seasonal, in line with nature, and nourishing. Don't get me wrong! There's so many chefs that do that too! When they source locally, create a family environment, and come out to the table to say hello and check on you. That's a special chef with a lot of heart and passion.

My husband and I have operated an integrative medicine clinic full time for almost 10 years now. Teaching and coaching people on how to eat well, care for themselves with their diet, and connect with locally sourced foods has been my main job! I love it. Making those connections has truly filled my heart. People are starving for that connection.

So, what are you paying me for??? Sure, the food. But, I hope that you understand that I'm helping you connect with nature, community, and your health. I hope you feel cared for. I hope you know I make each meal as if it was for my own family. Thank you for joining me.

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