Sol Kitchen Project was born out of the relationships I formed with my private clients & retreat guests.


So often I heard that with today's pressures & the pace of everyday life, many had a desire to source better, cook better, and eat better food, but those goals got habitually buried beneath other responsibilities.

Food can heal, nourish & build community. It's important, not only to eat healthy food, but to learn about it. We ingest intention, culture, gratitude through thoughtful food experiences.

To truly thrive we must connect with each other and the community from which we are nourished.

Allow me to usher you in to a deeper connection with your food.

Hand selected, organic produce

I source organic produce from local farms I have relationships with & vendors at area farmers' markets.

Meals are farm-to-table, whole food, plant-based, & are prepared in a commercial kitchen at Appel Farms in Elm Springs.

Special diets welcome

Dietary restrictions are welcome. I do ask that dietary preferences be openly challenged as we work to expand your culinary experiences together.

I specialize in gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and allergy accomodations, autoimmune protocols, & more. Even with restrictions, meals will be balanced & satisfying.


I am a 2008 graduate of the 4-year immersion experience at the Natural Epicurian Acadamy of Culinary Arts, Austin, TX.

I not only know how to cook "healthy," but also how food affects your health & emotions. I am a lifelong student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I practice taiji (tai chi), qi gong, and culinary gongfu.  I keep my kitchen in a Zen state & meals are prepared mindfully and gently.